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Charm Churee Village
30/1 Moo 2, T.Koh Tao
A.Koh Phangan, Suratthani 84280
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Denisova Valentina 
Charm Churee Village, Koh Tao, Jansom Bay
Хороший отель в тайском традиционном стиле. Улыбающийся персонал. Уютный пляж с рыбками. в 10 минутах ходьбы городок с ресторанчиками. если пойти в обратном направлении, то в 10 минутах еще один пляж.

Brenda Isabella Parker 
Charm Churee Village, Koh Tao, Jansom Bay
We really enjoyed staying in Unit #20, which was right on the beach. In low season, it was like having our own private beach. Not sure how quiet this unit would be in high season. We loved the porch, with reclining chairs, the sun room and outdoor bathroom. Though it was a one bedroom unit, great for 2 people, these other areas made it feel much more spacious. The dive shop accommodated all of our diving requests and had very friendly staff.

Charm Churee Village, Koh Tao, Jansom Bay
absolutely great hotel !!! The must on Koh Tao !
perfect booking service !
Fiorentino Isabelle 
Charm Churee Village, Koh Tao, Jansom Bay
Very nice stay in this wonderful hotel !

Charm Churee Village, Koh Tao, Jansom Bay
very nice trip @Koh Tao @churee

Qian Guo 
Charm Churee Village, Koh Tao, Jansom Bay
the village is very naturel and also modern.we live here 4 days, very comfortable.the staff was very good.and the jansom bay is an amazing place for snokerling.the food was delicisous.the shirmp in the starlight restaurant was fantastic.we will come back next year. P.S. the only unpleasent thing is the nearest moto rent shop is a black shop.we had paid him 3000B to get one passport back.there is no use to call the police. SO DO NOT RENT MOTOBIKE THERE! My suggestion is maybe the VILLA can rent moto to the guests,u know u are in the little moutain. 中国的朋友们这家酒店蛮推荐的,一开始你可能不习惯这种原始风格,但是住2天就觉得很好了.房间各种现代化的设施都有,每天送一盘新鲜水果和3瓶水。餐厅很好吃,私人海湾非常棒,SPA也很不错!服务员会满足各种要求,唯一就是酒店没有租车的,下山不太方便,步行要10-15分钟山路。千万不要在最近的租摩托车的那个点租车!切记~老板是骗子~
very good!I will only choose U if I go to Thailand!I send the email asking the contact about free transfer of the villa just several hours before we arrive.and the staff write back very quickly and arranged the transport very well.
DE LIGES Pierre 
Charm Churee Village<, Koh Tao, Jansom Bay
C est la troisième fois que nous séjournons dans cet hôtel, et bien qu il se soit agrandi depuis la fois précédente, l emplacement et le lieu sont toujours aussi agréables, ainsi que toutes les prestations proposées.
Très bonne facilité de réservation par internet.
Christopher Griffiths 
Charm Churee Village, Koh Tao, Jansom Bay
Having travelled all over the planet, it is no small comment when I say that our villa at Charm Churree was the best I have ever stayed in. The secluded bay is perfect for relaxing, swimming and snorkelling / scuba. The villas all look into this perfect little bay which is staffed by the friendliest and most helpful staff you could wish for. Our villa had private access straight into the water, and with two private sunlounging areas, we felt little reason to leave the resort as often as we usually would. The restaurant food was great - and you simply could not beat that evening view as you dine overlooking the water. We loved the room, the resort, the bay and the very friendly staff - we will absolutely be returning!!
As always, booking through Sawadee was easy, quick, no problems and provided us with the best price. We also appreciate being able to split the payment which takes a large burden off the payment.
Fran. Mack. 
Charm Churee Village, Koh Tao, Jansom Bay
Positive: Charm Churee, the place to be in Koh Tao! It s one of the pricey resorts in Koh Tao but highly recommendable. The only thing you should know is that you will have to do a lot of walking! Steep hills and lots of stairs, not recommendable for disabled or very old people. But the pathways are very nice and also the pier and its small town is in walking distance. To get into the main town of the island (Sairee) you will need to hire a scooter but that s no problem as you can do that just around the corner of the reception. We stayed 10 days at cottage 9 which is very close to Jansom Bay and has a nice view through palm trees of the bay. The cottage is spacious, in typical Thai-Burmese style but not very new. There are lots of gaps in between the doors, windows and stairs where animals can sneak inside. Not a problem for us as we are nature lovers but if you are scared of spiders (such as the huntsman spider what visited us in our bathroom) and other creatures you will not be feeling very comfortable ;) The service team is amazingly nice and very helpful! There was not a single person during our stay that wasn t friendly or couldn t help us. When my husband saw the spider in our bathroom he wasn t very much amused but I convinced him to ignore the little one and go back to bed again (it was most probably more scared of us). The next day the staff helped us to find the spider and checked every single corner and curtain of the cottage. As they weren t successful, they gave us a bug spray in case it would appear again. Luckily it kept hiding :) One of the best offers in this resort is the breakfast area. Not just because of the amazing view but also because they offer a wide range of breakfast style. You can get American, French and Thai breakfast, including fresh tropical fruits. We loved to mix the breakfast with Thai food as it simply was delicious! We never ate the same Thai food as they changed the meals daily. But I was very happy to get my favourite sticky rice every morning (I think it s called „Kao tom Matte“). One of the people we liked a lot was Piu (not sure how to spell his name). He was a young Burmese guy with the biggest smile you can imagine! He was clearing the breakfast tables and always available for a small chat. He taught us some burman that helped us a lot to get in contact with other people on the island. Then there was a cute tomboyish looking girl who always greeted us with a big smile and introduced as to Champagne and Lemon (the dogs of the resort). I think we also met the boss of the resort (not sure about that as he didn t introduce himself with his name). He came to us one morning to check if everything is alright and if we enjoy our stay (something I would never expect in a big resort like that). He also explained why the orange boat was in front of the resort for a couple of days. That s how they get the fresh water to the island as it hardly rains. When we left, he even invited us to try his new massage chair overlays in the lobby. We thought that is a great idea for people who arrive at the resort and are exhausted from the trip to the island. The connection to the people of the resort is what made the stay very enjoyable, thanks for that! Negative: You can t book a cottage by its number. We nearly ended up in a cottage we didn t like but were lucky to get number 9. We tried to organise it via email weeks before we arrived at the resort. We don t know if we just were lucky that is was still available or if the reservation via email has worked. Not related to the resort: the prizing on the island is the strangest we ever saw in all of Thailand: bargaining is not wanted! Shops have signs saying: „fixed price, no bargaining“. You have to know where to go to get a decent price or just wait until you are back in Bangkok or on any of the other islands.
You can t book a cottage by its number. We had a brief contact with sawadee as we received the voucher twice (with different booking IDs) but that was no Problem, they cancelled it straight away
Sergey Kovalchuk 
Charm Churee Village, Koh Tao, Jansom Bay
were on the island for two days tao. The hotel is decent. bay in which it is quite narrow (50-70 m), very close to each other are building, both within and on the beach. normal entrance to the sea, sand, granular. superior room is huge, with a huge private balcony overlooking the sea without tv! clean. groomed grounds, the breakfast buffet. normal range of dishes. to the city for about 15 minutes on foot. Sairee Beach walk half
Fast! promptly! service as always on top! and the price is lower than the other!

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