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Chumphon Cabana & Diving Resort
69 Thung Wua Laen Beach, Saplee,
Pathiu, Chumphon 86230
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Merethe Presthus Holden 
Chumphon Cabana, Pathio, Thungwualaen Beach
The beach is stunning but the resort is very run down and very few guests. A little spoky. Good breakfast and fantastisk view from the restaurant. Our bungalow OK. When we left they charged us for one bungalow with see view. 500 B a night entra. Our reservasion was just garden view and we did not ask for upgrade. At last they let us go with 50 % payment. This was our 4. Stay there and the last one. There are several much better resorts on this beach and demanding extra payment made us angry and don t want to come back.

Terence John Mercer 
Chumphon Cabana, Pathio, Thungwualaen Beach
Other than the swimming pool there was no entertainment for my two 10 year olds. The Thai food at the beach side restaurant was excellent unfortunately the two staff who were doing there best to keep up with orders just wasn t enough. No great reason to stay there again!

Chumphon Cabana, Pathio, Thungwualaen Beach
Отель очень своеобразный, атмосферный . Политика отеля - защита и сбережение окружающей среды. Ландшафт территории видоизменен минимально - корпуса и бунгало стоят прямо в джунглях, везде маленькие прудики с рыбками, протока, которая уже превращается в болотце :(. Интересные инсталляции на тему тайского земледелия. На пляже запрещено размещение лежаков (они стоят под пальмами, перед пляжем), еда, езда на мотоциклах и т.п. В общем, пляж - первозданный. Широкий, длинный, вход в море пологий. Вода в море - чистейшая, прозрачная. В общем, пляж идеален, кроме одного - кусачие мухи (sandflies). Мы жили в номерах в одном из 3 корпусов. Номера очень приличные, большие, хотя мебель обшарпанная. Бассейн большой и глубокий (3 м), есть детский бассейн. Бассейны ежедневно чистятся и убираются. Завтрак - шведский стол, есть все - и европейская еда, и тайская, и китайская. Персонал очень услужлив и контактен. Народ приезжает, в основном, вечером (тайские компании, какие-то мероприятия проводят), ночует и утром уезжает. Весь день отель пустой. На самом пляже Thung Wua Laen масса кафешек и забегаловок, чтобы поесть. Отель рекомендуется любителям природы для тихого отдыха, ночной жизни в поселке нет.
Roland Koritzki 
Chumphon Cabana, Pathio, Thungwualaen Beach

veralterte anlage und sehr dreckiger strand. wir waren froh weiter zu reisen.
Jose Antonio Pascual Isus 
Chumphon Cabana, Pathio, Thungwualaen Beach
Te Location is Perfect in a very nice and quaiet place. The Room is Poor but at least is clean. The Services are so bad and expensive: * Restaurant: Far from hotel, A little food, the Breakfast better no eat (I decide to eat out). * Internet: No have wifi in the rooms, must go to the Loby (is free but so many mosquitos and No have even 1 fan or table) or go to the Restaurant (here have to pay expensive and only can use when the restaurant is open). * Swiming-pool: Nice and big, but you are not aloud to birng food or dinks in (must order from the restaurant at very expensive prices). I only stay 1 day in my way to Puket, but at the day that I coming back I prefer to lose the room and the money pay for it than repeat at the same place.
I use alrready the service from almost for 3 years alrready, once every 2 months. I a perfect web to book your hotel. Fast service and No Hiden Charges. Only 1 word: Excellent
Chumphon Cabana, Pathio, Thungwualaen Beach
hotel very well located but it begins to be old
very good
Khun Pawinee Suwanchana 
Chumphon Cabana, Pathio, Thungwualaen Beach
ห้องพักมีกลิ่นอับ มียุงเยอะ และมีแมลงสาบด้วย สระว่ายน้ำเหมือนไม่ค่อยได้ทำความสะอาด ตอนเย็นสั่งอาหารที่ร้านอาหาร ได้ช้ามาก ส่วนอาหารเช้าดีค่ะ บรรยากาศหน้าชายหาดดีมากค่ะ ติดใจทะเลที่นี่มาก ทรายสวย น้ำใส สุดๆ
ดีมากค่ะ รวดเร็ว ทันใจ
Dorte Brondum Sorensen 
Chumphon Cabana, Pathio, Thungwualaen Beach
We just stayed for one night on our wayto Bangkok from the south, so we had booked the cheapest bungalow. We found it was quite nice- a big romm with a double bed and a single bed, a nice bathroom, fridge and a teracce with furniture. The wiev from our bungalow was not very good- the back of some older bungalows, but apart from that the gardens off the resot were nice, green and huge.The service was good and the restaurant, too. It was situatated ribht on the wide and beautifull beach. The suuroundigs outside the resort werw a bit scuffy, but there were some small restaurant and lodges around.

Takanobu Matsuki 
Chumphon Cabana, Pathio, Thungwualaen Beach
Location is perfect, next to the beach, quiet. We love the beach there even it was in low season, long and white beach. We definitely go there again.
very efficient, easy and fast
Susanne Rubin 
Chumphon Cabana, Pathio, Thungwualaen Beach
Detta hotell var det värsta jag upplevt under allamina resor. Alla rum luktade fukt, lakanen var våta. Det var ett hotell som såg ut som ett öststathus. Det var en djungelmiljö med alla dessa insekter som finns där. Massor med sandflygor,tusenfotingar osv. Under de tre dagar vi var där flytta fyra personer eftersom de var helt sönder bitna av sandflygorna.


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