How works
How works

In this section we will present the main features and operation of the white label Thailand hotel booking engine. Should you miss any information or have any questions, please refer to the FAQ section or contact us via the contact form section.

Hotel selection

The content of the hotel booking engine is currently limited to Thailand , but covers all destinations in the Kingdom. The range of properties featured cover every traveler’s needs, from simple guesthouses to top-end city hotels and beach resorts, as well as serviced apartments. The default listing covers all destinations in Thailand and can be adjusted to meet specific domains needs.

Hotel Information / updates

The information and pictures displayed on the hotel pages is supplied by the properties and we keep performing regular unannounced visits and inspections to ensure the level of service and standards are maintained.

A close co-operation with all properties listed enables us as well to have preferred access to update information / construction advices and change of available facilities. Any such amendments are made immediately the booking engine and are available instantly to all affiliates.


The pricing information as well as any special offers are instantly displayed on the page as soon as we receive and process them. The volume of transactions we do provide to our suppliers ensures is listed high on their list of preferred agents and therefore receives the most interesting offers. All partners using the system receive the same end-consumer pricing, independent of their size and volume, and therefore being very competitive, from the first day of integration.

Customer experience

When the booking engine is successfully integrated into your website, it will be part of your pages and the end user / customer will remain on your page during the hotel / destination selection process. Even if you choose a more advanced integration, from every hotel page, the user can in one click go back to your domain’s home page.

All correspondence with our reservation agent is done using generic email contacts and are therefore not competing / misleading your customer to any other brand / sites. Therefore the customer will retain your website as the door to a fantastic experience they will have visiting the Kingdom and in future references, will use your website name.

The reservation team is working 7 days a week and therefore any requests from customers are attended within few hours depending on time zones, allowing both detailed thoroughly planned itineraries as well as short notice city or beach breaks.

The secure payment gateway is designed as complete white label and the credit card charge will be done through our designated financial service providers at negotiated high volume conditions.

Once a first deposit is paid, the booking gets confirmed to the customer. Full payment is required prior to issuing a hotel exchange e-voucher. The payment to the supplier in made in due time to ensure the guest can use the hotel e-voucher to check-in, along with a ID card or Passport. The customer will be kept informed of every step of the booking process. takes care of all financial transactions and the affiliated agent can focus purely on driving traffic to his website(s).

Personal information

The personal information required by the system to process a hotel reservation are not available to agents, not used for any purpose once the booking cycle has been completed.

Financial information

No financial data is stored in any mean nor accessible at any given time and therefore presents a high level of confidentiality.

Account Management
Setting up the system

First an account has to be created within with can be done online.

Once registered you will receive account number and password, which can be edited / amended at any time after login to the agent interface. There you will need to identify the domain name on which you plan to integrate the booking facility. Multiple domains can be added to one single account. The various options available are explained in the (link : integration ) section. Links to individual properties can be set up from a technical perspective, but we do not encourage them, should any of the hotels be temporarily suspended, or removed.

The system is to be used as dynamic booking engine and under no circumstances any pages or part thereof maybe copied and pasted, as they would then no longer be updated as part of our system.

Real time Reporting

Using the account number and login information provided will allow you to access the account management page of There you will find the various domain(s) you have registered and per domain find the real time status of any requests / bookings made. Detailed information is provided for each transaction.

Commissions Level / calculation

Each completed transaction which is done through a listed domain name generates a commission to the account holder. The commission is based on a profit sharing of the hotel rate, after deduction of the hotel cost and cost of sale and applicable government tax(es). The commission represents approximately 50% of the collected margin per booking and can increase for the large volume accounts. If multiple domains are registered to a single account, the total commission is consolidated for the account, and not paid out per individual domain.

Commission Processing

The agent commission is displayed in the reporting page of the agent interface and becomes active / due once the customer has made payment to us. Once the customer has checked in to the hotel, the commission becomes due (and visible on the account management page) and will be paid out on a monthly basis if a threshold of THB 4000.- is reached and the account information have been completed correctly. Payouts can be made to Thai bank accounts or internationally to any major credit cards. International bank transfers are not available.

If commissions do not reach the threshold of THB 4000.- at the time of pay-out, then it will be rolled over to the next month. If no pay-out is triggered in a 12 consecutive month period, reserves the right to disable the account.

Technology / Software

Web Sawasdee plc fully owns both top of the range hardware and internally developed software used in conjunction with the booking engine and using fully redundant set up, both in terms of workforce as technology. Therefore the has not been interrupted at any given time during the past decade, even if regular maintenance is performed on any of its components. is an ideal combination of advanced technology, with an omnipresent human interface, thus allowing a highly user oriented approach.

The R24 partner program is for travel agencies, resellers and websites ONLY.