FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
What is R24.org ?

R24.org is a fully integrated white label B2B hotel booking service for Thailand. Combining advanced technology with an omnipresent human interface, thus allowing a highly user oriented approach. Using the R24.org booking platform will allow any agency worldwide to instantly offer the most comprehensive and extensive selection of hotels, resorts and serviced apartments in all destinations of Thailand.

How do I get started ?

This can easily be done online, it is free and only takes a minute of your time. Once completed the registration form, you will receive an email confirmation providing your agent account (username) and temporary password. With this information, you can immediately login to the R24.org agent control panel and start complete the details, adding your domain name(s) to the system.

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What does it cost to become an affiliate ?

There is no costs whatsoever to join and/or use the R24.org white label affiliation system.

What are my benefits as an Affiliate Partner ?

The members of our R24.org affiliation program gain instant access to over 2700 hotels, resorts and serviced apartments all around Thailand. This allows the agent to sell accommodations in any of the properties with highly competitive rate and therefore quickly start making money from their website.

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Can I be your affiliate without a website ?

Any agents / retailers are welcomed to join. The R24.org system is designed to match all type of integration members may require, even without having your own website. Using the ready made, user-friendly interfaces allow anyone to simply, efficiently and at no cost, provide a full accommodation booking system.

What is AGENT.DOMAIN or PartnerID ?

Once joined, the R24.org affiliate system needs to be able track traffic from any of our partner websites. Therefore, we need you to register the used domain name as PartnerID for integration. Any PartnerID name has to be rightfully owned by the affiliate and can only be registered once in our system. If the information is not complete (missing suffix, for example) some of the internal links may not work properly. In case no domain is registered, then we will not be able to assign any of the traffic to your account. The PartnerID may as well be refered to as AGENT.DOMAIN and is the same information.

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How can I add my domain (website) to my account ?

Login to the R24.org agent control panel and below the basic information on the left you will see a table with "add site now : http://www." you have to enter your website (domain name – including suffix) and then click the plus sign.

Can I have multiple domain (websites) in one single account ?

Yes , You can have multiple domain in one single account to avoid creating several account. At the same time the commission payout is consolidated per account (NOT per domain) hence faster pay-outs and much easier to manage.

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Can we get the List of Hotels for individual Destinations ?

Yes, you can call the hotel list for any destination you need. See the examples on the integration page.

How do I integrate R24.org into my website ?

The integration of the white label hotel booking system (R24.org) is possible either for the complete hotel listing per destinations or for selected properties. PHP, Java, or iframe module integration solutions as well as xml integration XML feed is available to be used once the simple affiliation process has been completed.

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Can I integrate in my website style ?

Yes, you can configure the listing to meet the touch and feel of your existing website. To do so you can use either the module integration and replace your color & fonts CSS or, for the more advanced users you can use the XML integration to get the required information and layout your page the way you need.

How often R24.org update the room rate and availability ?

R24.org update the room rate and availability daily as provided by the suppliers.

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What is the usual practice for hotel booking payment using the R24.org booking engine ?

All affiliate partner's customer (end users) will submit their payment directly to R24.org, via a SSL secured portal. The customer can pay by either bank transfer or any of the main credit cards, or if already in Thailand via automatic teller machines (ATM).

Should I have Thai bank account to join R24 ?

While it is not required, a bank account in Thailand is recommended. If not available, then we can process commissions to international credit/debit cards. Please note that incorrect detail or absence of payout details will delay commission payments until the information is complete and accurate.

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How do I know when I get my commission ?

Once reached the threshold for pay-out, the R24.org system will provide a mail alert to the affiliate partner once the payment has been triggered. The mail alert is sent a few days prior to payout and will inform you on the details of the coming payout.

How do I track my traffic / commission ?

We provide REAL-TIME tracking of all enquiries generated under your registered domain, including the expected commission and status of booking. To access it, you have to login to the R24.org agent control panel and then, next to the respective domain name, you can see the total amount due. Next to the domain name is a grey arrow, once you click on it, a new window will with all booking details and their respective status.

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What are the commission rates payable to affiliates? When will I get paid ?

A commission start up of 50% from margin of R24.org (after COS/TAX) is paid out on a monthly basis to affiliates with a comprehensive online summary available. If the amount due is below 4,000 THB, then the commission is rolled over to the following month. Payout takes place once a month for all affiliates, independent of when the threshold amount has been reached. Commissions are processed at the time of guest departure from the hotel.

How can hotels join the R24.org distribution system ?

Any hotels / resorts, guesthouses and serviced apartments can join and be listed in the R24.org distribution system for free, as long as they do provide daily accommodation rates - We look forward to hearing from you via the Contact Us section on this site.

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What to do if I forget password ?

In case of loss of password, please go to the Home page and fill in your Account Number only and click on the Login Button. You will reach a page where you can ask for your password to be sent to the registered email address.

What if I have questions ?

Please Contact Us, for question and comment we will revert to you within shortest notice. In case of integration problems, please be as specific as possible with the query, so that we can address it.

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