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Accommodationsort Locationsort Ratessort   Breakfast show only
Canal Resort Airport (nearby) 560 THB  
Phuket Airport 24/7 Hotel Airport (nearby) 899 THB   recommend
Airport Phuket Garden Resort Airport (nearby) 899 THB  
Phuket Airport Inn Airport (Nearby) 980 THB  
Airport Overnight Hotel Airport (nearby) 989 THB  
Phuket Airport Hotel Airport (nearby) 1348 THB  
Phuket Airport Bed & Breakfast Airport (nearby) 1348 THB   incl.
Phuket Boat Quay Ao Makham 1236 THB   incl. recommend
Supalai Resort & Spa Ao Por 1600 THB   incl. recommend
Chandara Resort & Spa Ao Por 5551 THB   incl. recommend
One D House Bang Tao Beach 691 THB  
Bangtao Village Resort Bang Tao Beach 764 THB   recommend
Amin Resort Bang Tao Beach 829 THB  
Andaman Seaside Resort Bang Tao Beach 979 THB   incl.
The Nice Phuket Bangtao Hotel Bang Tao Beach 1251 THB   incl.
Amora Beach Resort Bang Tao Beach 1377 THB   incl. recommend
The Regent Phuket Bangtao Beach Bang Tao Beach 1743 THB   recommend
Bangtao Beach Chalet Bang Tao Beach 1910 THB   incl.
Andaman Bangtao Bay Resort Bang Tao Beach 1942 THB   incl. recommend
Bangtao Tropical Residence Resort Bang Tao Beach 2031 THB   incl.
BW Premier Bangtao Beach Resort&Spa Bang Tao Beach 2141 THB   incl.
The Residence Resort & Spa Retreat Bang Tao Beach 2247 THB   incl. recommend
Sunwing Resort & Spa Bangtao Bang Tao Beach 2537 THB   incl.
Two Villas Oxygen Bang Tao Bang Tao Beach 5501 THB   recommend
Bangtao Kanita House Bang Tao, Laguna 700 THB  
Allamanda Laguna Phuket Bang Tao, Laguna 1270 THB   incl. recommend
Laguna Holiday Club Phuket Resort Bang Tao, Laguna 3506 THB   incl.
Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort Bang Tao, Laguna 6018 THB   incl. recommend
Movenpick Resort Bangtao Beach Bang Tao, Laguna 7042 THB   incl. recommend
Arinara Bangtao Beach Resort Bangtao Beach 2108 THB   incl.
Les Palmares Villas Bangtao Beach 6822 THB   recommend
Boat Lagoon Resort Boat Lagoon 955 THB  
Aochalong Villa & Spa Chalong Bay 946 THB   incl.
Pier 42 Boutique Resort Chalong Bay 1739 THB   incl.
Chalong Beach Hotel & Spa Chalong Bay 1843 THB   incl.
The 8 Pool Villa Chalong Bay 3570 THB  
Phuket Garden Home Chalong, Chao Fah East Rd. 466 THB  
Lemonade Phuket Hotel Chalong, Chao Fah East Rd. 746 THB   incl. recommend
Ratchamaka Villa Chalong, Chao Fah East Rd. 16854 THB   incl.
Villa Zolitude Chalong, Chao Fah Nok Rd. 8166 THB   incl.
Nanachart Phuket Chalong, Chao Fah West Rd. 409 THB  
Phaithong Sotel Resort Chalong, Chao Fah West Rd. 736 THB  
Sapaan Pla Residence Chalong, Patak Road 761 THB  
Chalong Chalet Resort & Long Stay Chalong, Patak Road 1547 THB   incl.
Chalong Villa Resort & Spa Chalong, Patak Road 1669 THB   incl.
The View Rawada Resort & Spa Chalong, Viset Road 1007 THB   incl.
The Village Coconut Island Island, Coconut 3034 THB   incl. recommend
Coral Island Resort Island, Koh Hae 1584 THB   incl.
Baan Mai Cottages & Restaurant Island, Koh Lone 955 THB   incl. recommend
Ban Raya Resort & Spa Island, Koh Racha Yai 2073 THB   incl.
Rayaburi Resort Racha Island Island, Koh Racha Yai 3610 THB   incl. recommend
The Racha Island, Koh Racha Yai 8748 THB   incl. recommend
Paradise @ Koh Yao Island, Koh Yao Noi 3297 THB   incl. recommend
Koyao Island Resort Island, Koh Yao Noi 3552 THB   incl. recommend
Villaguna Residence & Hotel Island, Koh Yao Noi 4633 THB   incl. recommend
Koyao Bay Pavilions Island, Koh Yao Noi 4943 THB   incl.
Niramaya Villa & Wellness Resort Island, Koh Yao Noi 5528 THB   incl.
Koh Yao Yai Village Island, Koh Yao Yai 2193 THB   incl. recommend
Glow Elixir Koh Yao Yai Resort Island, Koh Yao Yai 2534 THB   incl. recommend
Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Island, Koh Yao Yai 8930 THB   incl. recommend
Kamala Beach Inn Kamala Beach 840 THB   incl.
G1 Hotel Kamala Kamala Beach 1196 THB  
Clear House Resort Kamala Beach 1119 THB   incl.
Ratana Apart-Hotel at Kamala Kamala Beach 1212 THB   incl. recommend
The Trees Club Resort Kamala Beach 1244 THB   incl.
Kamala Beachfront Apartment Kamala Beach 1471 THB  
Kamala Resort & Spa Kamala Beach 1548 THB   incl.
The Palms Kamala Beach 1685 THB   incl.
The Regent Kamala Phuket Kamala Beach 2125 THB   recommend
Print Kamala Resort Kamala Beach 1798 THB   incl. recommend
The Aquamarine Resort & Villa Kamala Beach 1820 THB   incl. recommend
Kamala Beach Estate Kamala Beach 2360 THB   incl.
Swissotel Resort Phuket Kamala Beach 2461 THB   incl. recommend
Kamala Beach Resort(a Sunprime Resort) Kamala Beach 2566 THB   incl.
Kamala Dreams Kamala Beach 2704 THB   incl. recommend
Layalina Hotel Kamala Beach 2809 THB   incl. recommend
Cape Sienna Phuket Hotel & Villa Kamala Beach 2898 THB   incl. recommend
Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach Kamala Beach 3027 THB  
Royal Embassy Resort & Spa Kamala Beach 3047 THB  
Kamala Regent Phuket Kamala Beach 3653 THB  
Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort Kamala Beach 3146 THB   incl. recommend
Sunwing Kamala Beach Resort Kamala Beach 3192 THB   incl.
Ayara Kamala Resort and Spa Kamala Beach 5312 THB   incl.
The Bell Pool Villa Resort Phuket Kamala Beach 8573 THB   recommend
Villa Tantawan Resort and Spa Kamala Beach 9017 THB  
Paresa Phuket Kamala Beach 10253 THB   incl.
Karon Living Room Hotel Karon Beach 276 THB   incl. recommend
Rattana Beach Hotel Karon Beach 566 THB   incl.
Sunny Resort Karon Beach 694 THB   incl.
The Best House Karon Beach 634 THB  
Karon Cliff Boutique Bungalow Karon Beach 645 THB   incl.
Karon Sea Side Karon Beach 775 THB  
Karon Whale Resort Karon Beach 667 THB   incl. recommend
Karon Hill Hotel & Residence Karon Beach 738 THB   recommend
The Phulin Resort Karon Beach 755 THB   incl.
Baan Karon Resort Karon Beach 764 THB   incl. recommend
Simplitel Hotel Karon Beach 782 THB   incl. recommend
Karon Princess Hotel Karon Beach 801 THB   incl. recommend
Hotel de Karon Karon Beach 812 THB   incl.
Lae Lay Suites Karon Beach 812 THB   incl.
The Front Village Karon Beach 899 THB   incl. recommend
Karon View Resort Karon Beach 899 THB   incl.
Kata Garden Resort & Spa Karon Beach 933 THB   incl. recommend
Chanalai Hillside Resort Karon Beach 978 THB   recommend
CC's Hideaway Hotel Karon Beach 984 THB  
Grand Sunset Hotel Karon Beach 993 THB   recommend
PGS Hotels Bauman Casa Karon Beach Karon Beach 1067 THB   incl.
Woraburi Phuket Resort & Spa Karon Beach 1082 THB   incl. recommend
On Hotel Phuket Karon Beach 1119 THB   incl.
Baan Karonburi Resort Karon Beach 1124 THB   incl.
Phuket Island View Karon Beach 1173 THB   incl. recommend
Sugar Marina Resort-ART-Karon Beach Karon Beach 1257 THB   incl. recommend
Best Western Phuket Ocean Resort Karon Beach 1257 THB  
Diamond Cottage Resort & Spa Karon Beach 1327 THB   incl. recommend
Phuket Orchid Resort Karon Beach 1344 THB   incl. recommend
Princess Seaview Resort & Spa Karon Beach 1348 THB   incl. recommend
PGS Hotels Casa Del Sol Kata Beach Karon Beach 1417 THB   incl.
Access Resort & Villas Karon Beach 1481 THB   incl.
The Old Phuket Hotel Karon Beach 1544 THB   incl. recommend
Karon Butterfly Serviced Apartment Karon Beach 1567 THB   recommend
Waterfront Suites Phuket by Centara Karon Beach 1574 THB  
Karon Phunaka Resort & Spa Karon Beach 1618 THB   incl. recommend
Phunawa Resort Karon Beach 1656 THB   incl. recommend
Sunset Plaza Karon Beach 1741 THB   recommend
Andaman Seaview Hotel Karon Beach 1792 THB   incl.
Peach Blossom Resort Karon Beach 1888 THB   incl.
The Village Resort & Spa Karon Beach 2157 THB   incl. recommend
Centara Karon Resort Karon Beach 2204 THB   incl. recommend
Ramada Phuket Southsea Karon Beach 2425 THB   incl. recommend
Thavorn Palm Beach Resort Phuket Karon Beach 2428 THB   incl. recommend
Karon Sea Sands Resort & Spa Karon Beach 2472 THB   incl.
Novotel Phuket Karon Beach Resort & Spa Karon Beach 2618 THB   recommend
Centara Villas Phuket Karon Beach 2630 THB   incl. recommend
Horizon Karon Beach Resort & Spa Karon Beach 2876 THB   incl. recommend
Beyond Resort Karon Karon Beach 4027 THB   incl.
Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort & Spa Karon Beach 4157 THB   incl. recommend
Mandarava Resort & Spa Karon Beach Karon Beach 4200 THB   incl.
Movenpick Resort & Spa Karon Beach Karon Beach 4257 THB   incl.
Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket Karon Beach 4698 THB   incl. recommend
Moevenpick Villas & Spa Karon Beach Karon Beach 5975 THB   incl. recommend
Secret Cliff Villa Karon Cliff 1137 THB  
Secret Cliff Resort Karon Cliff 1285 THB  
Boondaree Home Resort Kata Beach 604 THB   incl.
Natalie House1 Kata Beach 610 THB  
The Charm Hotel Kata Beach 551 THB   incl. recommend
Natalie House2 Kata Beach 708 THB  
Kata Country House Kata Beach 634 THB   incl. recommend
The Blue Pearl Boutique Hotel Kata Beach 642 THB   incl. recommend
The Melody Phuket Kata Beach 673 THB   incl. recommend
Kata Minta Kata Beach 674 THB   incl.
Inter House Kata Beach 674 THB   recommend
Garden Home Kata Kata Beach 719 THB   recommend
Honey Resort Kata Beach 738 THB   incl.
Kata Poolside Resort Kata Beach 787 THB   incl. recommend
The Beach Boutique House Kata Beach 809 THB   incl. recommend
Phuket Chaba Hotel manage by The Beach Group Kata Beach 809 THB   incl. recommend
Kata Blue Sea Resort Kata Beach 857 THB   incl.
The Color Kata Kata Beach 861 THB  
Kata Beach Studio Kata Beach 1014 THB   incl.
The Blueco Hotel Kata Beach 955 THB  
Chanalai Flora Resort Kata Beach 956 THB   incl. recommend
Kata Sea Breeze Resort Kata Beach 1011 THB   incl. recommend
Kata Lucky Villa Kata Beach 1065 THB   incl. recommend
Bamboo Village Kata Kata Beach 1106 THB   incl.
The Palmery Resort and Spa Kata Beach 1193 THB   incl. recommend
Alpina Phuket Nalina Resort & Spa Kata Beach 1199 THB   recommend
Boomerang Village Kata Beach 1200 THB   incl. recommend
Chanalai Romantica Resort Kata Beach 1200 THB   incl. recommend
Chanalai Garden Resort Kata Beach 1251 THB   recommend
Sugar Marina Resort-FASHION-Kata Beach Kata Beach 1345 THB   incl. recommend
Rico's Bungalows Kata Beach 1348 THB   recommend
Peach Hill Hotel & Resort Kata Beach 1348 THB   incl. recommend
Sugar Marina Resort SURF Kata Beach Kata Beach 1364 THB   recommend
The Beach Heights Resort Kata Beach 1369 THB   incl. recommend
Sugar Palm Grand Hillside Kata Beach 1413 THB   incl. recommend
Kata Palm Resort Kata Beach 1456 THB   incl. recommend
Orchidacea Resort Kata Beach 1528 THB   incl. recommend
Andaman Cannacia Resort & Spa Kata Beach 1681 THB   incl.
Centara Kata Resort Kata Beach 1692 THB   recommend
Sugar Marina Resort-NAUTICAL-Kata Beach Kata Beach 1695 THB   incl. recommend
Mussee Kata Boutique Kata Beach 1798 THB   incl. recommend
The Aspasia Kata Beach 2652 THB   incl. recommend
Metadee Resort & Villas Kata Beach 2966 THB   incl. recommend
Avista Resort & Spa Kata Beach 2972 THB   incl.
Sawasdee Village Kata Beach 3104 THB   incl. recommend
Kata Beach Resort Kata Beach 3236 THB   incl. recommend
Foto Hotel Kata Beach 3764 THB   incl. recommend
Boathouse by Montara Kata Beach 5102 THB   incl. recommend
Malisa Villa Suites Kata Beach 5587 THB   incl. recommend
The Baray Villa Kata Beach 8022 THB   incl. recommend
Katathani Phuket Beach Resort Kata Noi Beach 4810 THB   incl. recommend
Mom Tri's Villa Royale Kata Noi Beach 5969 THB   incl. recommend
Impiana Private Villas Kata Noi Beach 11461 THB   incl.
The Par Phuket Hotel Kathu 1059 THB   incl. recommend
Orchid Kathu Heights Service Apart. Kathu 1074 THB   recommend
Tinidee Golf Resort at Phuket Kathu 1492 THB   incl.
Viewpoint Villa Kathu 9326 THB  
The Nchantra Pool Suite Phuket Koh Sirey 4428 THB   recommend
Phuket Bike Resort Layan Beach 839 THB   incl. recommend
Outrigger Laguna Phuket Resort & Villas Layan Beach 2697 THB   recommend
Wings Villa Phuket by Two Villas Holiday Layan Beach 4155 THB   recommend
Two Villas Oriental Layan Layan Beach 6022 THB   incl.
The Pavilions Phuket Layan Beach 10270 THB   incl. recommend
Micky Monkey Beach Hotel Mai Khao Beach 400 THB   recommend
D Varee Mai Khao Beach Phuket Mai Khao Beach 1573 THB   incl. recommend
Centara Grand West Sands Resort Mai Khao Beach 2496 THB   incl. recommend
Sala Phuket Resort and Spa Mai Khao Beach 5442 THB   incl.
Maikhao Dream Villa Resort & Spa Mai Khao Beach 10315 THB   incl.
Anantara Mai Khao Phuket Villas Mai Khao Beach 10336 THB   incl. recommend
Alphabeto Resort Nai Harn 748 THB  
All Seasons Naiharn Nai Harn Beach 1407 THB   incl. recommend
Baan Krating Phuket Resort Nai Harn Beach 1528 THB   incl.
Sunsuri Phuket Nai Harn Beach 2706 THB   incl. recommend
The Cozy House Phuket Nai Harn, Sai Yuan Road 700 THB  
Naiya Buree Resort at Naiharn Beach Nai Harn, Sai Yuan Road 783 THB   recommend
Baan Sabai Phuket Hotel Nai Harn, Sai Yuan Road 921 THB   incl.
Two Villas Onyx Style Nai Harn Nai Harn, Sai Yuan Road 4255 THB   recommend
Lemon Tree Resort Nai Harn, Soi Huay Nam Toe 1211 THB  
Naya Paradise Retreat Resort Nai Harn, Soi Naya 839 THB   recommend
Palm Oasis Boutique Hotel Nai Harn, Soi Naya 1727 THB   incl. recommend
Two Villas Oriental Naiharn Nai Harn, Soi Naya 6022 THB  
Phuket Naithon Resort Nai Thon Beach 562 THB  
Trisara Phuket Villas & Residences Nai Thon Beach 24213 THB   incl. recommend
Nai Yang Beach Resort & Spa Nai Yang Beach 899 THB   incl. recommend
Kasalong Phuket Resort Nai Yang Beach 1051 THB   incl. recommend
L'esprit de Naiyang Beach Resort Nai Yang Beach 1791 THB   incl. recommend
Dewa Phuket Nai Yang Beach 3900 THB   incl.
Indigo Pearl Nai Yang Beach 5918 THB   incl.
Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa Phuket Nakalay Beach 2469 THB   incl. recommend
Grand Bleu Ocean View Pool Suite Nakalay Beach 3322 THB   incl. recommend
Absolute Nakalay Boutique Resort Nakalay Beach 5663 THB   incl. recommend
The NAKA Phuket Nakalay Beach 12693 THB   incl.
Bandara Beach Phuket Panwa Bay, Ao Yon 1461 THB   incl.
Cloud19 Beach Retreat Panwa Bay, Ao Yon 1438 THB   incl. recommend
By The Sea Panwa Bay, Ao Yon 1490 THB   incl.
Crystal Wild Resort Panwa Phuket Panwa Bay, Ao Yon 2559 THB   recommend
Phuket Beachfront Villas Panwa Bay, Ao Yon 6346 THB  
Bandara Villa Phuket Panwa Bay, Ao Yon 6385 THB   incl. recommend
Baan Panwa Resort & Spa Panwa Beach 1079 THB   incl.
The Mangrove Panwa Phuket Resort Panwa Beach 1382 THB   incl. recommend
Panwa Beach Resort Phuket Panwa Beach 2611 THB   incl. recommend
Kantary Bay Hotel Panwa Cape 1672 THB   incl.
Radisson Blu Plaza Resort Panwa Beach Panwa Cape 4337 THB   incl.
Cape Panwa Hotel Panwa Cape 4728 THB   incl.
Amatara Resort & Wellness Panwa Cape 6910 THB   incl. recommend
Sri Panwa Phuket Panwa Cape 15618 THB   incl. recommend
Paripas Patong Resort Patong Beach 0 THB  
Arya Boutique Hotel Patong Beach 0 THB   recommend
Banana Leaf Patong Beach 0 THB   recommend
Lamai Guesthouse Patong Beach 180 THB   incl. recommend
Triple Rund Place Hotel Patong Beach 276 THB   incl.
The Little Moon Residence Patong Beach 278 THB   recommend
Renoir Boutique Hotel Patong Beach 326 THB   incl.
Nirvana Patong Patong Beach 334 THB  
Lemongrass Hotel Patong Beach 335 THB  
SM Resort Patong Beach 360 THB   incl.
Lamai Apartment Patong Beach 360 THB   incl. recommend
Calypso Patong Hotel Patong Beach 360 THB   incl.
Butterfly Phuket Hotel Patong Beach 360 THB  
88 Hotel Phuket Patong Beach 397 THB   incl.
Patong City Hometel Patong Beach 405 THB   incl.
Martini House Kanchana Patong Beach 410 THB  
Patong Panomporn Patong Beach 413 THB   incl. recommend
Jao Sua Residence Patong Beach 424 THB  
Absolute Guesthouse Phuket Patong Beach 430 THB  
Mochic Residence Nanai Patong Beach 440 THB   recommend
Sun Shine Patong Hotel Patong Beach 442 THB   incl. recommend
Bella Tropicana Hotel & Guesthouse Patong Beach 449 THB   recommend
Grande Elegance Patong Beach 449 THB   recommend
Golden House Hotel Patong Beach 449 THB   recommend
Club Bamboo Boutique Resort & Spa Patong Beach 455 THB   incl. recommend
Patong Rose Guest House Patong Beach 458 THB   recommend
The Stay@Phuket Hotel Patong Beach 545 THB  
Silver Resortel Patong Beach 461 THB  
Hello Yaya Residence Patong Beach 465 THB   incl. recommend
Ansino Bukit Patong Beach 466 THB   incl.
Paripas Express Patong Patong Beach 466 THB  
Patong Bay View Resort Patong Beach 466 THB   recommend
Expat Guesthouse Patong Beach 478 THB  
Lamai Inn Patong Beach 478 THB  
Seven Seas Hotel Patong Beach 481 THB  
Modern Place Patong Beach 485 THB   recommend
At Home Boutique Hotel Patong Beach 492 THB   incl. recommend
Patong V Hotel Patong Beach 503 THB   incl. recommend
Sira Boutique Residence Patong Beach 506 THB   incl.
The Bird Cage Patong Guesthouse Patong Beach 506 THB  
Bossa Bauman Ville Patong Beach 516 THB  
The Nest Resort Patong Beach 518 THB   incl. recommend
The Artist House Patong Beach 522 THB   incl.
Casa Jip Guesthouse Patong Beach 526 THB   recommend
Patong Bay Inn Patong Beach 526 THB   incl. recommend
Leelawadee Boutique Hotel Patong Beach 528 THB   incl. recommend
Jiraporn Hill Resort Patong Beach 534 THB   incl. recommend
2C Phuket Residence Patong Beach 539 THB  
The Allano Phuket Hotel Patong Beach 539 THB   incl. recommend
Coco Resort Patong Beach 539 THB   incl.
Phil Boutique Hotel @ Sansabai Patong Beach 540 THB   recommend
Sun Beach House Patong Beach 540 THB   recommend
PJ Patong Resortel Patong Beach 553 THB   incl. recommend
The Three by APK Hotel Patong Beach 553 THB   recommend
APK Resort & Spa Patong Beach 553 THB   recommend
APK Resort Patong Beach 553 THB  
Patong Cottage Patong Beach 555 THB   incl.
Khaleej Mass Hotel Patong Beach 657 THB   incl.
The Elegant Patong Patong Beach 659 THB   incl.
The Frutta Boutique Hotel Patong Beach 560 THB   incl.
Thana Patong Guesthouse Patong Beach 560 THB  
Expat Hotel Patong Center Patong Beach 560 THB  
Priew Wan Guesthouse Patong Beach 573 THB  
RCB Patong Hotel Patong Beach 573 THB  
Addplus Hotel and Spa Patong Beach 582 THB   recommend
Andaman Phuket Hotel Patong Beach 590 THB   incl.
7Q Resident Patong Beach 597 THB  
Mirage Patong Phuket Patong Beach 599 THB   incl.
Red Planet Patong, Phuket Patong Beach 606 THB   recommend
Patong Gallery Patong Beach 620 THB   incl. recommend
The Chilli Salza Patong Hotel Patong Beach 629 THB   incl. recommend
Lamai Hotel Patong Beach 629 THB   incl.
Paradise Resortel Patong Beach 645 THB  
Jang Resort Patong Beach 645 THB   incl.
Baramee Hip Hotel Patong Beach 645 THB   incl. recommend
Blue Sky Residence Patong Beach 649 THB  
Sira Grande Hotel & Spa Patong Beach 653 THB  
Hemingway's Hotel Patong Beach 653 THB   incl.
Sunset Mansion Patong Beach 669 THB  
The AIM Patong Hotel Patong Beach 669 THB   incl. recommend
Seeka Boutique Resort Patong Beach 674 THB   incl.
Le Tong Beach Hotel Patong Beach 674 THB  
Aspery Hotel Patong Beach 683 THB  
Phuvaree Resort Patong Beach 688 THB   incl. recommend
Baan Lukkan Patong Resort Patong Beach 699 THB   incl.
Patong Max Value Hotel Patong Beach 709 THB  
Orchid Resortel Patong Beach 713 THB   incl. recommend
Patong Bay Residence Patong Beach 717 THB   incl.
Connect Guest House Patong Beach 717 THB   incl.
The Royal Palm Beachfront Patong Beach 719 THB   incl. recommend
Sea Front Home Patong Beach 733 THB   incl.
WE Hotel @San Sabai Patong Beach 737 THB   incl.
ACCA Patong Patong Beach 737 THB   recommend
The Crib Patong Patong Beach 746 THB   incl.
The Album Hotel Patong Beach 746 THB   incl. recommend
Expat Hotel Patong Beach 764 THB  
Art @ Patong Patong Beach 774 THB  
FunDee Boutique Hotel Patong Beach 912 THB   incl. recommend
Green Harbor Serviced Apartment Patong Beach 783 THB   recommend
Ocean View Phuket Patong Beach 783 THB  
D Varee Residence Patong Patong Beach 783 THB   recommend
Patong Pearl Resortel Patong Beach 787 THB   incl. recommend
Patong Premier Resort Patong Beach 816 THB   incl. recommend
Rico's Hotel Patong Beach 829 THB   recommend
Meir Jarr Hotel Patong Beach 839 THB   incl. recommend
Thanthip Beach Resort Patong Beach 849 THB   incl.
Patong Palace Hotel Patong Beach 860 THB   incl. recommend
Baramee Resortel Patong Beach 884 THB   incl. recommend
TIRAS Patong Beach Hotel Patong Beach 895 THB   recommend
White Sand Resortel Patong Beach 899 THB   incl.
Toy Residence Patong Beach 908 THB  
Patong Hemingway's Hotel Patong Beach 909 THB   incl.
Patong Grand Ville Patong Beach 921 THB   incl.
The Viridian Resort Patong Beach 928 THB   incl. recommend
Patong Terrace Boutique Hotel Patong Beach 951 THB  
Hemingways Silk Hotel Patong Beach 979 THB   incl. recommend
Tony Resort Patong Beach 988 THB   incl. recommend
Time Out Hotel Patong Beach 1003 THB   incl.
Rayaburi Hotel Patong Patong Beach 1003 THB   incl. recommend
The ASHLEE Plaza Patong Hotel & Spa Patong Beach 1006 THB   incl.
Casa Del M Patong Beach 1007 THB   incl. recommend
Bauman Residence Patong Beach 1011 THB   incl. recommend
Sawaddi Patong Resort & Spa Patong Beach 1034 THB   incl. recommend
Coconut Village Resort Patong Beach 1034 THB   incl.
Club One Seven Bed & Breakfast Patong Beach 1047 THB   incl.
Hyton Leelavadee Patong Beach 1064 THB   incl. recommend
Patong Holiday Hotel Patong Beach 1070 THB   incl.
Baumanburi Resort and Spa Patong Beach 1100 THB   incl. recommend
Baan Yuree Resort & Spa Patong Beach 1119 THB   incl.
Baan Boa Resort Patong Beach 1124 THB   incl. recommend
Best Western Patong Beach Patong Beach 1124 THB  
Meesuk Place Patong Beach 1152 THB  
Enrich Boutique Place Patong Beach 1166 THB  
Poppa Palace Patong Beach 1180 THB   incl. recommend
The ASHLEE Heights Patong Hotel & Suites Patong Beach 1217 THB   incl. recommend
Blue Ocean Resort Patong Beach 1258 THB   incl.
Centra Ashlee Hotel Patong Patong Beach 1293 THB   incl.
Andakira Hotel Patong Beach 1299 THB   incl. recommend
Pimnara Boutique Hotel Patong Beach 1321 THB   recommend
Patong Swiss Hotel Patong Beach 1337 THB   recommend
Nipa Resort Patong Beach 1343 THB   incl.
Andaman Beach Suites Patong Beach 1344 THB   incl. recommend
iCheck Inn Patong Patong Beach 1348 THB  
Tropica Bungalow Hotel Patong Beach 1375 THB   incl.
Haven Serviced-Apartments Patong Beach 1395 THB   recommend
Baan Laimai Beach Resort Patong Beach 1399 THB   incl. recommend
The Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa Patong Beach 1428 THB   incl. recommend
Sleep with me hotel design hotel@ Patong Patong Beach 1489 THB   incl. recommend
Royal Phawadee Village Patong Beach 1785 THB   recommend
Andatel Grande Patong Phuket Patong Beach 1549 THB   incl.
Salathai Resort Patong Beach 1573 THB   incl.
Sea Sun Sand Resort & Spa Patong Beach 1573 THB   incl. recommend
Patong Paragon Resort & Spa Patong Beach 1573 THB   recommend
Patong Resort Patong Beach 1604 THB   incl. recommend
Deevana Patong Resort & Spa Patong Beach 1612 THB   incl. recommend
Patong Heritage Hotel Patong Beach 1700 THB   incl.
Seaview Patong Hotel Patong Beach 1772 THB   incl. recommend
Ramada Phuket Deevana Patong Patong Beach 2108 THB   incl. recommend
Patong Beach Hotel Patong Beach 1843 THB   incl. recommend
The Lantern Resort Patong Patong Beach 1886 THB   incl.
Duangjitt Resort & Spa Patong Beach 1943 THB   incl. recommend
The Nap Patong Patong Beach 1978 THB   incl. recommend
The Bliss Patong Beach 1987 THB   incl.
The Charm Resort Phuket Patong Beach 2064 THB   recommend
R-Mar Resort & Spa Patong Beach 2073 THB   incl. recommend
Andaman Embrace Resort & Spa Patong Beach 2122 THB   incl. recommend
Patong Bay Garden Resort Patong Beach 2149 THB   incl. recommend
Baan Yin Dee Boutique Resort Patong Beach 2157 THB   incl. recommend
Phuket Graceland Resort & Spa Patong Beach 2306 THB   incl. recommend
Thara Patong Beach Resort & Spa Patong Beach 2308 THB   incl. recommend
dusitD2 phuket resort Patong Beach 2389 THB   recommend
The Senses Resort Patong Beach Patong Beach 2832 THB   incl. recommend
The Kee Resort & Spa Patong Beach 2427 THB   incl. recommend
Horizon Patong Beach Resort & Spa Patong Beach 2445 THB   recommend
Banthai Beach Resort & Spa Patong Beach 2474 THB   recommend
Patong Merlin Hotel Patong Beach 2517 THB   incl.
Deevana Plaza Phuket Patong Patong Beach 2734 THB   incl. recommend
Patong Signature Boutique Hotel Patong Beach 2898 THB   incl.
Burasari Resort Patong Beach 2900 THB   incl. recommend
Millennium Resort Patong Patong Beach 2949 THB   incl. recommend
Wyndham Sea Pearl Resort, Phuket Patong Beach 2994 THB   incl. recommend
Grand Mercure Phuket Patong Patong Beach 3188 THB   recommend
B-Lay Tong Phuket Patong Beach 3212 THB  
Novotel Phuket Resort Patong Beach 3396 THB  
Avantika Boutique Hotel Patong Beach 4298 THB   incl.
Impiana Resort & Spa Phuket Patong Beach 5014 THB   incl.
Absolute Bangla Suites Patong Beach 5663 THB   incl. recommend
La Flora Resort Patong Patong Beach 5798 THB   incl. recommend
Novotel Phuket Vintage Park Patong Beach 8276 THB  
Tritrang Beach Resort by Diva Management Patong Beach, Tri-Trang 1361 THB   incl. recommend
Blue Ocean Beach Resort Tri Trang Patong Beach, Tri-Trang 1665 THB  
Merlin Beach Resort Patong Beach, Tri-Trang 3667 THB   incl.
Amari Phuket Patong Beach, Tri-Trang 4311 THB   incl. recommend
Avista Hideaway Resort & Spa Patong Beach, Tri-Trang 4714 THB   incl.
Absolute Twin Sands Resort & Spa Patong Beach, Tri-Trang 6112 THB   incl. recommend
The Journey Patong Hotel Patong Bech 448 THB   recommend
Noble House Patong Patong Beeach 320 THB  
Bamboo Beach Hotel & Spa Patong-Kalim Bay 420 THB  
Di Pantai Boutique Beach Resort Patong-Kalim Bay 547 THB  
Orchid Hotel Kalim Bay Patong-Kalim Bay 548 THB   incl. recommend
Kalim Resort Patong-Kalim Bay 974 THB   incl.
See Sea Hotel Patong-Kalim Bay 1152 THB   incl.
Kalim Beach Place Patong-Kalim Bay 1203 THB   incl.
Sunset Beach Resort Patong-Kalim Bay 1326 THB   incl. recommend
Centara Blue Marine Resort & Spa Phuket Patong-Kalim Bay 2108 THB   recommend
The Residence Kalim Bay Patong-Kalim Bay 2247 THB   recommend
Kalima Resort and Spa Patong-Kalim Bay 2881 THB   incl. recommend
IndoChine Resort & Villas Patong-Kalim Bay 3264 THB   incl.
Diamond Cliff Resort & Spa Patong-Kalim Bay 3599 THB  
Twin Inn Phuket Town 584 THB   incl.
Phuket Center Apartment Phuket Town 590 THB   incl.
Sino Inn Hotel Phuket Town 622 THB   recommend
Rome Place Hotel Phuket Town 645 THB   incl.
Blu Monkey Bed & Breakfast Phuket Town 645 THB   incl. recommend
Crystal Inn Phuket Phuket Town 771 THB  
Sugar Palm Residence Phuket Town 685 THB  
The Tint at Phuket Town Phuket Town 698 THB  
The Metropole Phuket Town 798 THB   incl.
Phuket Town Inn Phuket Town 812 THB   incl.
Sino Imperial Phuket Hotel Phuket Town 829 THB   incl.
Lub Sbuy House Phuket Town 839 THB   incl.
Phu-Ke-Ta Hotel Phuket Town 899 THB   incl.
Nize Hotel Phuket Town 899 THB  
Good Day Boutique Bed & Breakfast Phuket Town 923 THB   recommend
S.B. Living Place Phuket Town 933 THB   incl.
Summer Breeze Inn Hotel Phuket Town 980 THB   incl.
Phuket Merlin Hotel Phuket Town 1079 THB   incl.
The Memory at On On Hotel Phuket Town 1142 THB   incl. recommend
I Pavilion Hotel Phuket Town 1146 THB   incl.
Mei Zhou Phuket Hotel Phuket Town 1146 THB   incl.
Sino House Hotel & Apartment Phuket Town 1161 THB   incl. recommend
Bhukitta Hotel & Spa Phuket Town 1254 THB   recommend
Little Nyonya Hotel Phuket Town 1494 THB  
Royal Phuket City Hotel Phuket Town 1418 THB   incl. recommend
The Palms Residence Phuket Town / Kathu 653 THB   recommend
Phuket Ecozy Hotel Phuket Town / Kathu 700 THB   incl.
O`nya Phuket Hotel Phuket Town / Kathu 1074 THB  
The Sky Dream Phuket Hotel Phuket Town, By pass Road 1106 THB   incl. recommend
A2 Resort Phuket Town, By pass Road 1258 THB   incl.
Aleenta Phuket-Phang Nga Phuket-Phang Nga, Natai Beach 12928 THB   incl.
Thai Palace Resort Rawai Beach 904 THB   incl. recommend
The Title Resort Phuket Rawai Beach 979 THB   incl.
Monaburi Boutique Resort Rawai Beach 1003 THB  
Phuket Sea Resort Rawai Beach 1026 THB   incl.
Rawai Princess Hotel Rawai Beach 1124 THB   incl. recommend
Rawai Palm Beach Resort Rawai Beach 1222 THB   incl. recommend
Almali Rawai Beach Residence Rawai Beach 1679 THB  
Serenity Resort & Residences Rawai Beach 2027 THB   incl.
Orchid Garden Rawai Rawai Beach 2247 THB  
Ananta Thai Pool Villas Resort Phuket Rawai Beach 3640 THB   incl. recommend
Vijitt Resort Rawai Beach 3918 THB   incl. recommend
Almali Villa Mali Rawai Beach 4465 THB  
Mangosteen Resort & Ayurveda Spa Rawai Beach 6726 THB   incl.
Almali Luxury Residence Rawai Beach 16320 THB   incl.
Benyada Lodge Surin Beach 839 THB   incl.
Surintra Boutique Resort Surin Beach 890 THB   incl.
Surin Park Hotel Surin Beach 1576 THB   incl. recommend
Doubletree Resort by Hilton Phuket Surin Beach 2247 THB   incl. recommend
Ayara Hilltops Surin Beach 4257 THB   incl.
Twinpalms Phuket Surin Beach 5036 THB   incl.
At Panta Phuket Thalang 1257 THB   incl. recommend
Wanaburi Resort Thalang 1398 THB   incl. recommend
Thanyapura Sports Hotel Thalang 2202 THB   incl. recommend
Mission Hill Phuket Golf Resort Thalang, Muangmai-para 3730 THB   incl.
Baan Yamu Residences Yamu Cape 2271 THB   incl. recommend
Rates for Phuket hotels are INCLUSIVE all taxes (10% service charge, 7% VAT)
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